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Burton Water Sports Club is a non profit making club for jet skis and waterskiiers, run by the members for the members. It has elected officers and a committee. The committee are unpaid & there are no employees of the club. We are financed by the annual membership, the fully licensed bar, open days & private parties.
Burton Water Sports Club was founded in 1962 at its old location at Meadow View Road off Burtons old Trent Bridge. In 1970 Burton's
Speed boat club had ceased operating and its club house stood empty for more than two years, the speed boat club had enjoyed high speed power boating for some years but the removal of a weir down stream meant that the water level was too low for the boats to race safely and other clubs would not compete at the venue any more.
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In 1972 the speed boat club incorporated Burton Water Sports Club but over time the club has assumed the name Burton Water Sports Club.  The Club now focuses on Jet ski and waterskiing.
Jet Ski
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