Up Coming events
Membership renewals are now due.  Members have until 1st March 2021 to renew.  Renewals after this date will be subject to a £50 registration fee.  Those members not renewing by 1st March 2021, your places will be available to new members from this date.  Members must fill out a membership form (downloadable) and bring a printed photo of all the named craft operators.  Copy of insurance must also be provided.
2021 AGM Unknown date.  AGM meeting will be held at the club at 5pm.  This is the best time to renew your membership and bring anything to the committee's attention.
Members please can you ensure the gate is locked on leaving the club.  There has been numerous times the gate has been left open, leaving the club very vulnerable. 
Committee meetings are normally the first Monday of the month (except bank holidays) at 8pm at the club.  However, this can move around a bit because the club secretary's working hours.  Good time to join up.  If you have anything you'd like to bring to the committee's attention, you can email us from the contact us page and/or come to a meeting.